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Supporting Mathematics Instruction: Just-in-time Support for Mathematics Leaders

February 2nd, 2015 by Alice Fisher

RUSMP is holding the second session of a 2-day leadership seminar this week. The focus of the seminar is to provide mathematics leaders a framework to effectively support high-quality mathematics instruction and give them an opportunity to reflect and discuss best practices to this aim.

We pose two questions for participants in this course so that the overall RUSMP community can also take part in this critical discussion on how to best support mathematics instruction. We look forward to responses!

*As STAAR testing time approaches, how can leaders help teachers focus on teaching the curriculum and minimizing “test prep?”

*February is the time of year when instructional strategies need renewing in order to keep students engaged as spring break approaches. How might leaders help teachers to employ active learning strategies such as games, centers/stations, and cooperative learning to engage students in learning mathematics?

The institute is being facilitated by Carolyn White, RUSMP Director of Elementary Programs; Susan Troutman, Director of Secondary Programs; and Monica Kendall, former Houston ISD Director of Mathematics.

Below: Liz Goodman, Houston ISD and Elizabeth Bastias, Houston ISD