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The Klein ISD Divas

October 28th, 2014 by Alice Fisher

There were 72 teachers who attended the fractions workshop for grades 3-5 teachers that was presented by the Klein ISD “Divas” earlier this fall. The Klein Divas are teacher participants in the 2014 RUSMP Summer Campus Program (SCP) who were asked by Klein ISD administrators to share what they learned during the program. It is clear that they have not only become professional collaborators, but also “Rice sisters” through attending the intense 3-week program together.

The teachers – Huong Ngo, Kristy Morris, Wilma Mysak, Whitney Wulf, and Linda Hope – led a full session that began with looking closely at changes in the Student Expectations across the revised Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for grades 3-5. They shared online resources including the RUSMP website, and then dived into 9 different hands-on activities using manipulatives such as color tiles and dominoes. They also led activities that integrate mathematics and art such as creating fraction quilts and game boards.

They purposefully planned the workshop so that the grades 3-5 teachers were together in a large group.  This allowed third grade teachers to see where the students are going while fifth grade teachers could see where the students are coming from.

Wilma Mysak coined the phrase “Klein Divas” when they were publicizing the professional development session so that now the group is known by that name. They shared that it made a huge positive difference to attend the Summer Campus Program as a team.

Watch the video of the interview with the fabulous Klein Divas!